We’re proud to offer colocation in an exotic, small scale, yet enterprise data center called InterDC, located in Doetinchem in the Netherlands, close to the German border with an excellent position. It’s the former data center of Avira (known for their anti-virus software).


The data center in Doetinchem is designed according to TIER-III specifications. This specification describes how the minimal expected availability of 99.982% can be guaranteed by the use of redundant components throughout the data center (power, cooling, and connectivity). In total, this location can accommodate 120 racks, for up to 5000 servers. The facility is prepared for a second data floor, which can nearly double the data center floor space.

The datacenter consists of approximately 250m2, housing a total of 120 racks. The datacenter features a raised floor with cold corridors for optimal cooling. Cable management is placed on top of the racks. The raised floor provides cold air through the ventilation panels placed in the data floor surface. The server racks are placed in a cold corridor layout for optimal cooling performance and efficiency. In the future, we can expand our data floor with a second room of 250m2 (2,670 sq feet).


Our data center is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified by DEKRA.

The facility is secured by multiple high-definition cameras. The cameras are equipped with motion sensors which allows them to detect possible intrusions in a dark environment. Physical access to the facility is regulated via access cards and unique pin numbers. In the event that someone loses their access cards, no access can be gained without the unique pin number. Every camera, motion detector, light, and doors are managed via our BMS (Building Management Software).


The electrical system is equipped with an Eaton UPS system for each feed (A+B) in combination with a Teksan 450 kVA backup generator. Thereby every rack is provided with two redundant 3x16 A power feeds (no-break).

Fire Detection

The data and UPS room are protected via the VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) laser detectors. VESDA is capable to detect a fire in the very early stages. The moment the VESDA system detects a possible fire it will send out an alarm via our BMS (Building management system). Thereby hanging in the hallway leading to the data floor are multiple CO2 fire extinguishers.


The facility uses multiple redundant cooling systems from Stulz. Whenever one fails another takes quickly over. The average maintained temperature in the data center is ± 24 degrees Celsius.

Green Energy

The facility in Doetinchem utilizes 100% certified green energy. This energy consists of different sources; 22% wind energy, 64% hydropower, and 14% biomass. As the Netherlands offers a colder climate, our facility is able to cool almost 70% of the time using exterior/natural cooling. In the near future, the data center will be deployed with solar panels in order to be completely sustainable.

Above Sea Level

This may sound logical, but traditional data centers in Amsterdam are below sea level. In fact, large parts of the Netherlands are protected by dikes. In case a natural disaster strikes, many of the data centers would get wet feet.

Our facility is located 13 meters above sea level, which offers even more security compared to traditional Amsterdam data centers.

Read more about NAP level here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amsterdam_Ordnance_Datum


InterDC is privately owned and fully independent. It’s a true Dutch company without investors or VC. This allows full transparency and fair pricing compared to the American giants. They own and operate 4 small scale data centers in the East of the Netherlands.